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This the Blog of The Written Wyrd, a non-profit literary trust in the State of Washington, USA.  I'd like to take a moment to give you an idea of what this is about.

Science fiction, Fantasy, and Horror lead the trend to self publishing and small press - but being a self pub author is a lonely existence: communications, information, and vital resources are hard to find.   This trust works to fill that 'tech support' void through our web site:

There you will find a wealth of links, technical articles, activities and more - all focussed on helping the self pub and small press author.   In addition to the web site, we undertake a growing array of convention activities which will be explained in more detail.

If you are a self published or small press author, or if you simply enjoy good original spec fi, here is a warm welcome and a wealth of support.   So please drop by to get acquainted.

And as always, keep pounding that keyboard!

Bob Boyd 
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Change Is In The Wind...

Hello everyone,

After pondering matters for some time, I have decided to take a major move.   Effective immediately, I will be closeing out this blog.   My reason is that I hardly ever use it any more, having opened a blog on Facebook, so I might as well eliminate the added expense.

I have not given up on writing by any means!   Work progresses rapidly on my new effort, 'The Big Snow', which is over half done and cruising along steadily.   At this pace, I should have it ready some time in June / July.   Those who enjoy a good action / dramatic story will like it.

Please check out my (new) blog at Facebook:

It develops that Facebook is much more versatile for blogging, and can tie in closely with my membership with the NIWA Facebook blog.   Anyway, my best to my viewers and a thanks to LiveJournal for the last several years.   And remember: keep pounding them keyboards!

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Work on The Big Snow goes along like gangbusters, with 17,000 words in for the month, including an authentic 2000 word day - the first I've had in a long time.   As a result, I have clawed back most of my annual shortfall from January, and should be in positive numbers shortly.

I spent much of today working up a flow chart to keep track of the various characters and external conditions (weather). As a result, I will have to move some stuff around and do bits of rewrite, but at the same time a couple spots have opened up for character confrontations which will add dramatic effect.
I like how the story is developing! It has taken off in a direction I hadn't anticipated in my original concept, and the dramatic potential is enormous. I think this will be a good entry into the general readership field.
Til next, keep pounding them keyboards!


January got off to a waddling start, with only about 5100 words in.   Partly this was due to year-end paperwork, but much of it probably has to do with coming down after the year end rush to push my word count as high as possible.   Looking back, I see this has been a fairly consistent occurrance over the years.   This too shall pass.

To the good, 'MacKenna: A Knight Of Ghosts And Shadows' is up to 56,300 words, and the story concept is shaping up nicely.   Unless things pick up smartly I probably won't have it for Norwescon, but it will come out in due order nonetheless.   This will complete the eight volume Concord Saga, after only 14 years effort.

Another goodie is I am doing an initial treatment for an ecological disaster tale called 'The Big Snow'.   The story line will surprise you.   With luck and clean living, I'll have it out for Orycon (and for what will presumably be another rough winter).

Coming up for February: more progress on 'MacKenna' and possibly some upgrades to the web site.   Hopefully the writing pace will pick up again.   As always, we shall see.

Til next, keep pounding them keyboards!


Well: 2015 AD had too much hoiliday cheer, plowed head-on into 2016, was rear-ended in turn by December, with the whole shebang coming to a grinding halt right on top of 12:00 midnight.   What a mess!  And folks wonder why I don't go out on the holidays. 

I got a fair amount done this year: made the annual quota, got a pair of YA demi-novels out, advanced the next project past the half-way mark, did some upgrades on the web site, and tried some (unsuccessful) marketing ideas.   The coming year promises the last of the Concord Saga (the third MacKenna trilogy), and likely my first shot at a furry fantasy for later in the year.   That will give me 15 works complete and on the market.

Things I really want to do is more upgrades to the web site, some new marketing ideas, and to look into another short story anthology.   But, as always, we shall see what happens.

So: once the wreckage of the holiday is cleared away, we'll plunge ahead into the new year.   As always, keep pounding them keyboards!

Word Up...

I am pleased to report that I have made my annual self-imposed quota of 150,000 words, with four days to go.  This has been a perplexing year at times - dragging way behind at first - rocketing ahead over the summer - and slowing again as the year end approaches.   To the good, I got another YA demi-novel out, and the last of the MacKenna trilogy is over half done.

Right now, 'MacKenna: A Knight Of Ghosts And Shadows' stands at 52,000 words, and I am giving it a hiatis as I work on some promotional material.   Lately I have been battling with 'M3' - at times wondering what the heck to write.   This happens every time:
I've put everything needed into the chapter, and it is only half filled.   What now?   How do I fill word count without clogging the story with waste verbage?   I always find an answer in the end, but it is one of the constant headaches of writing.

I have also had adventures with cover art, which will no doubt continue into the new year.   Further, my health is deteriorating so that I will probably not be doing any cons in 2016.   We are all mortal, I suppose.

For the moment things go along swimmingly (as the captain of the Titanic said).   The new year promises new challenges and new literary genres - I am looking forward to it.   For now, I have four days left to pad my annual word count, so I'd better get back to work.

Until next, keep pounding them keyboards!


November went pretty slow, especially compared to the rapid progress of the last few months.   It started out with several days' work to get the various downloadable versions of 'Star Flight' ready and fill in the ISBN registry at Bowker.   Then came Orycon, and the aftermath (more on that presently), followed by web site updates. 

As to new writing, all told, progress on 'MacKenna: A Knight Of Ghosts And Shadows' was only 7000 words and a bit, putting it at 40.5 K.   I am down about 3500 words on my annual projection, but I should be able to make that up in December.   At this rate, I'll have the third of the 'MacKenna' trilogy done for Norwescon.   This is certainly better than things looked a few months back when I was fighting a long dry spell.

About cons: Orycon proved to be a dismaying experience.   It seems my health is worse than I thought: I spent most of the weekend either sleeping or sitting in a corner too exhausted to do much of anything.   This carried on for days after returning, so there was little if anything accomplished since then.   If this proves to be the pattern, I may well be faced with not going to any more cons.

As to December: more work on 'MacKenna', a few holiday parties (I need that) and perhaps a bit more work on the web site.   All in all, pretty much as usual.   Unless this dry spell continues, I should make my annual 150,000 words.   It comes and goes.

Til next,


Things went along swimmingly last month (thus spaketh the captain of the Titanic).   'Star Flight is finished and ready to go, waiting only on cover art which is due Tuesday.   With a bit of luck I can still have it in time for Orycon.   My new project is 'MacKenna: A Knight Of Ghosts And Shadows' - last of the MacKenna trilogy and conclusion of the Concord saga at eight volumes.   Word count is on pace for the year.

I made an initial foray into Facebook advertising - which produced absolutely nothing.   Everything I try fails to produce results.   I am beginning to get paranoid about this.   Nonetheless the quest goes on to find someone to take my works over in trust for after I am gone, which hopefully won't be for a while yet.   I have books to write.

Up late this month is Orycon.   (!)   I'm looking forward to the train trip down to Portland, and to going to a con.   I'm also planning to go to Norwescon next spring, and I'm looking at Westercon in Portland in July.   Nothing firm on that yet.   The curious thing is that, with reasonable luck, I'll have new releases for each - 'MacKenna' for Norwescon, and 'Thunderfoot' (my first furry fantasy) for Westercon.

Altogether, its been SSDD.   Some success, some delays, some progress, some failings, big plans as always.   That's the life of the self-pub author, I suppose.

Til next, keep pounding them keyboards! 


I am pleased to report that 'Star Flight', my second YA demi-novel, is complete at 65,400 words.   The only thing holding it back now is the cover art, which hopefully will arrive by the first of the month.   In the mean time I am putting together the download versions and starting the first tentative work on 'MacKenna: A Knight Of Ghosts And Shadows', the third in the MacKenna trilogy and conclkusion of the eight volume 'Concord Saga'.

This is my 13th work done since - effectively - 2010.   It's amazing what can be accomplished when one slaves away like a Malmut for half a decade.   The remainder of the month will go to finishing 'Star Flight', updating the web site, starting the first Facebook advertising, and getting ready for Orycon.

A busy time!   Until next, keep pounding them keyboards!


Things went along well in September, with some 18,600 words into 'Star Flight'.   Unfortunately mundania intervened in the last few days, so 'Star Flight' is almost but not quite done.   As of today there is one chapter to complete - 2500 words, plus editing (which goes fairly fast.   We're still looking good for mid-October for release.

I started out the year with several not very productive months, but things picked up in July and have been going gangbusters ever since.   As a result, I am caught up for the year, way ahead for the month of September, and on course for e good writing year.

Plans for the future include starting some Facebook ad runs and giveaways, starting Halloween week.   We shall see how that develops.

Until next, keep pounding them keyboards!